Claremont Pacific

Who we are

Claremont Pacific funds small and medium sized meritorious litigation and arbitration claims.

Relying on our own capital we can provide fast, flexible service with innovative funding solutions; allowing your clients to obtain judgments that reflect the merits of their case.

What we do

Claremont Pacific partners with law firms, insolvency practitioners, corporate clients and their stakeholders to fund meritorious litigation and arbitration claims; including claims which are before the court.

With the costs of legal proceedings rising every year budgets can sometimes become stretched. Cash flow and liquidity issues can prevent valid claims from being prosecuted in the most effective manner or even stop them from being launched in the first place.

With Claremont Pacific as your partner you can possess the security of knowing that your case is backed by the necessary financial resources; and that you can tailor your legal strategies to doing what is necessary to win your case.

International Arbitration Proceedings

ICC, SCAI, VIAC, SCC & CIETAC are some of the fora in which we are seeking to finance arbitrations. However, we are prepared to fund arbitrations in any forum, subject to arrangement.

Construction Claims

Unfortunately, disputes are a common feature of the construction industry. Cost and deadline overruns; quality control and assurance; and a plethora of other events can compromise the viability of a project and even the underlying real estate investment.


A successful award is probably a staging post to successful recovery, but enforcing a judgment or award can be a contentious and expensive process. We can assist your clients in enforcing their hard-won judgments.

Funding Insolvency

We understand that an estate undergoing insolvency can be hard-pressed for capital whilst looking to maintain and maximize the value of its assets. The application of litigation financing is not limited to single-assets or claim recoveries and we can also facilitate business and corporate rescues where appropriate.

Social Responsibility

We are seeking to fund a limited number of claims each year to support the rights of individuals and organisations who might not otherwise have access to the funds required to defend themselves or plead their case. If you are involved in a worthy cause that requires funding, we can help to find a solution that provides opportunity to those who need it.


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